Making Lasting Impressions with Decorative Asphalt.

Urban streets and town centers are no longer the exclusive domain of automobiles. A more balanced approach to street design that considers community, economy and alternative modes of transportation is the future. The idea of complete streets; streets that embrace pedestrians, bicyclists, transit as well as automobiles. A new sensitivity has emerged to public health, environment and sustainability. 

With affordable and attractive decorative asphalt coatings and systems, Alternative Paving Concepts (APC) allows you to create distinctive streetscapes for any project, while leaving memorable impressions. Offering a range of decorative asphalt products, that provides development projects with solutions with visual excellence and high performance.

StreetPrint™ and TrafficPatterns™ are designed with the core values of durability, practicality, safety and sustainability in mind. Our complete street solutions outperform traditional systems. All products are cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing and low-maintenance.


  • Withstands extreme use, wear and weather
  • Does not disrupt the surface 
  • Eliminates risk of heaving and settlement 
  • Smooth pedestrian-friendly surface 
  • Designed, tested, and proven in all conditions

Durable Paving


  • Products make economic sense
  • Fast and efficient installation means you invest less up front
  • Durability means low maintenance which translates into savings in the long term
  • Repairs can be made with minimal disruption


  • Offers enhanced traffic calming devices, slows traffic, and save lives
  • Safe for pedestrians
  • Smooth and trip-hazard free
  • High visibility products
  • Friendly solution for the physically challenged
  • American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant
  • Slip and skid resistant surfaces
  • Solutions meet or exceed all government regulated skid resistance requirements


  • Non-toxic -100% recyclable
  • Exceed the most stringent government standards for volatile organic compounds (VOC’s)
  • Satisfy LEED requirements when it comes to SRI and reducing Heat Island Effect