Making Lasting Impressions with Decorative Asphalt.

About Alternative Paving

Alternative Paving Concepts (APC) has been an accredited and licensed StreetPrint™ and TrafficPatterns™ applicator since 2004. With over 2.5 million square feet installed, we have grown to become one of the worlds largest applicators with a proven track record in installing high quality projects, and proving exceptional customer service and support.

APC specializes in stamped asphalt, innovative coatings and thermoplastic systems that enhance asphalt surfaces and support sustainable streetscape designs. Utilizing a proprietary technology and application process that produces the authentic look of brick, slate or stone directly onto asphalt, our stamped asphalt products are, durable, practical, safe and attractive solutions while being very cost effective and quick to install.

StreetPrint™ and TrafficPatterns™ products have been installed in all climatic regions throughout the world and can be found in most major cities, commercial and retail locations, residential communities and recreational areas.