Making Lasting Impressions with Decorative Asphalt.


Bus Lane AustraliaDuraTherm® Traffic Tough – Design Flexible

DuraTherm® is a specially-designed preformed thermoplastic material that is inlaid into imprinted asphalt and heated in place using specialized infrared heaters. Engineered to lie slightly below the asphalt surface, DuraTherm® is protected from wear, ensuring effective service life while maintaining its attractive look.

A specialized pavement heater softens the existing asphalt. Templates are pressed into the surface to create the imprinted pattern. Pre-cut sections of DuraTherm® are set into these impressions. The specialized heater is used again to bond the material to the asphalt surface.

DuraTherms® design flexible and durable thermoplastic system is cost effective and easy to maintain. It is famous for its ability to allow community branding elements into streetscapes and urban redevelopment projects; creating highly visible pavements. DuraTherm™ is also ideal for pedestrian channelization and crosswalks.